Inspiring African American Males to fulfill roles that produce leaders in families and communities.

African American
Male Leadership Academy

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African American Male Leadership Academy

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To teach and develop morals that are exemplified through leadership, mentorship and character development.
To mentor, educate and motivate young African American Males to respect oneself, family and society while striving for excellence.
The African American Male Leadership Academy was established by CEO/Founder Vander D. Purcell Jr. Unfortunately, african american males have often been targeted for mentoring initiatives because of such high risk for school failure, school exclusion, low education attainment, gang involvement, substance abuse and criminal justice involvement. Mr. Purcell saw the need in the area of Guilford County to set a standard that would help alter the lives of African American Males. His belief is when a young person can meet an adult who was like them in many ways and has progresed into a successful productive citizen, he realizes that the same young person can impact society as well. It is in his heart that The African American Male Leadership Academy can be identified as an initiative to expose African American Males to the right types of adult role models. He also belives that once young people believe that there is hope for a better future, they are more likely to be open to the types of activity they may be required to do as part of a successful mentoring program.

CEO/Founder of The African American Male Leadership Academy
Vander D. Purcell Jr
[email protected]
"It is easier to build strong children than to repair grown men!" Frederick Douglas